your kind of weekend...

2 days of swimming, running and triathlon

Awesome events

Open water swimming, trail runs and triathlons


Workshops and evening talks


Coffee, cake and food stalls

What is brutalfest?

Your kind of weekend...

BrutalFest is a brand new, festival-style event weekend, packed with all the best things in life: swimming, running, triathlon, inspiring people, workshops and great food!

The routes are naturally Brutal... cool, clear water, rocky trails and hilly roads - perfect for swimmers, triathletes and runners who enjoy pushing themselves just that little bit further...

How much can you do in two days?

How does it work?

It's simple. Just pick and choose what swimming, running or triathlon events you would like do do during the weekend and add to the cart...

Do you need to stay overnight and park? Just click on Camping / Parking and add your requirements.

And finally, if you want to attend any of the great Workshops or Evening Talks, have a look through what's on offer...

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